About Kid Can Gogh

This blog is aimed at parents and carers of babies and toddlers who want to give their little ones opportunities to explore their environment in a fun and creative way.

I have a background in creative writing, Illustration and childcare. I also have my own Important Little Person (ILP) who goes by the name of “the bean”. We will be exploring art and craft ideas together and we will also be open to suggestions.

Babies love to explore and everything in their little world is amazing and new. Art and craft offers a opportunity to explore, observe and learn in a fun and interactive way. Sensory experiences are a great way to introduce your baby to their environment and stimulates their learning and development. Most of my posts are aimed at being easy to use at home with minimal preparation and materials.  I want it to be as fuss free as possible to enjoy a creative moment with your little one.

Please keep in mind that what one child likes another child won’t. Just because your friend’s baby loves play dough doesn’t mean yours will. Also keep your expectations low. Don’t expect your child to interact with the activity in a particular way. Rather let them take their time at using the materials and guide them a little if needed. Most importantly, supervise at all times!!!

I hope you will have fun finding out what interests your child as much as we will!


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