The Bean has really started to get into play dough a lot recently when we have been at other people’s places, playgroup and at kids church. So This morning I thought that it was about time I made some for him. But Alas! No Flour! What to do?

I did have some cornflour though, so I googled cornflour play dough and came up with this gem:

This recipe is so good on so many levels. It requires only 4 ingredients, takes minutes to make and another huge plus is that you can bake or dry it to make fun decorations for presents or to hang on the Christmas tree. It has a lovely smooth texture as well, so It might become my new favourite play dough recipe for a while!

Tomorrow is forecast as a rainy day, so we might bake a few of the shapes to make into  gift tags for Father’s day and for a few birthdays coming up. I will add the photo when they are finished 🙂