splish splash, I was taking a bath….

Ah, the arrival of summer – long hot days and not much energy (for Mama anyway). The bean always wants to be outside but sometimes it’s just too hot to be at the park and sometimes the last thing this Mama feels like doing is getting everything together and treking to the swimming pool or beach (not easy when you rely on public transport all of the time).

So, we bring the pool to the Bean instead. He loves playing in water, but alas we don’t have a backyard.So the solution? filling up an old baby bath instead with water and toys under a shady carport. I gave him a small watering can, a bucket, some plastic containers and some measuring spoons and he had a fantastic time pouring and splashing . I thought it would enertain him for maybe half an hour, but we ended up playing for 2 hours! He was soaked from head to toe, but as it was 34c, he dried in no time.

Of course, as with any activity involving water, supervision is important at ALL times.A child can drown in 5 cm of water in less than 2 minutes.So PLEASE, please turn off the phone or take your child with you if you really need to answer it or the doorbell.  Make sure the bath or bucket you used is empty when you are finished with the activity as children are likely to wander back to play again when you aren’t looking!

This idea can easily be changed according to interests, weather or just what is available. A large shallow container filled with dried lentils, bowls and spoons, dried pasta with scoops, shredded paper with toys hidden underneath or a shallow tray filled with coloured goop (or jelly) and toy cars are just a few ideas.


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