through the looking glass








At home we have a floor length window and the Bean loves nothing more than standing at it and watching the world outside (particularly birds and cars!). So I thought we would make a craft that would give him something new to look at.

suitable age: 15 months +

materials needed:

  • clear contact ( easily bought at the newsagent, supermarket, big chain stores or stationary shops)
  • tissue paper, cellophane or wrapping paper in several different colours
  • scissors (adult use only and are optional)
  • sticky tape
  • cookie cutters (optional)
Cut out a square of contact (size is up to you) and peel off the baking paper and lay it down on the table, or onto a window ( if you have a floor length one). You might want to stick down the corners with sticky tape or blu-tak just so it won’t move around. You can either cut up the paper into shapes or let your little one help you to rip it up (much more fun!). Then simply scatter or place the paper over half of the sticky side of the contact and then fold in half so that the paper is sandwiched inside the contact. If you like, you can then cut your stained glass window into shapes (hearts and stars are nice – you can use cookie cutters as a template) to make pretty decorations for a party or special occasion.
At first we attempted this on the table and the Bean wasn’t quite sure of what to make of it. But as soon as I taped the contact onto the window instead he immediately got into the swing of things and thoroughly enjoyed sticking on the pieces of paper. He was especially intrigued by the feel of the contact! After I had cut them up into shapes, I then used some sticky tape (rolled into a ball) to stick them onto the window and he happily took them on and off until the tape lost its stickiness! It looked very pretty and I would like to make these as Christmas decorations by hole punching them and threading through some string or fishing line. 

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