It’s a Knockout

This is a fun one for a rainy day or if your little one is sick but bored of being in bed. I will admit though you will have to be a regular recycler to have the materials for this one. We go through a LOT of milk in our place so we always have milk containers in our recycling box. But other ideas are drink bottles or dishwashing detergent bottles. Just make sure that the containers are thoroughly washed out and dried before use. Also, make sure that the lid is securely sealed, so the little one cannot get to what is inside.

approapiate age: 9 months+

materials you will need:

  • several containers ( the number is up to you)
  • rice, lentils or dried beans
  • a small ball or something that can be rolled easily
  • strong sticky tape or pva glue
This is easy. Simply fill your containers with about half a cup of rice or lentils then secure the lid on with tape or glue (unless you want lentils and rice all over the place!). Then line them up in a row or a group and roll the ball towards them. Your little one is also bound to use the containers as shakers too! This is a great activity for hand/eye coordination and for sensory exploration.
I thought this would be a huge hit with the Bean, as he usually likes anything that makes a noise. However, he was more interested in trying to take off the tape from the bottle and trying to get the lentils out! ( he didn’t succeed, thankfully). Perhaps i should have introduced this activity at a younger age. Still, it was very easy to put together and i usually have all of the materials on hand, so not all bad after all.

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