Daddy’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching! The idea for creating a day for children to honour their fathers began with a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd. Sonora adored her father and, while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909, she felt Fatherhood should be recognised also.While there is a multitude of craft ideas for older children to make for Father’s day, it is quite difficult to find ones that are suitable for little ones.  So here are three fun and quick ideas for the little people to make for their daddies (with your help of course).

1. Make a hand print tree card or poster (that could be framed if you wish). This is suitable for 9 months +. You will need:

  • non toxic poster paint (you can have several colours if you like)
  • a paint brush
  • a piece of white paper (size is up to you)
  •  a piece of A4 brown paper ( or you could use a paper bag)
  •  scissors (adults only of course!),
  • a glue stick
  • newspaper
  • wipes

This is a super easy one, but of course, anything that involves children and paint is messy, so don’t forget to put on old clothes or an apron on your little one! Basically all you need to do is draw a rough outline of a tree on your brown paper ( it doesn’t have to be elaborate or detailed) and then cut it out and glue it onto your white paper. Then paint your little one’s hand with the paint and paintbrush and make a series of prints to make the leaves on the tree. alternatively you could just use fingerprints to dot on the leaves. The wipes are essential as most babies and toddlers will decide to take off and make prints on everything around them! You can write a message or a poem (go to underneath your tree. You could make an autumn themed tree using yellow, red and orange paint, a rainbow tree or traditional green.

2. Continuing on the whole hand print idea, you could make a hand print on a small canvas (easily bought at $2 shops) and take a photo of your little one holding it or sitting with it. The photo can then be made into a card by sticking it onto a piece of A4 card folded in half. The card and the canvas are a lovely gift also for grandparents. I did this when the Bean was only 2 months old and it’s something that is greatly treasured.

3. Last week The Bean had great fun covering paper in wheel prints. See on your marks, get set, go! We are now going to use all of that paper as wrapping paper and also to make a card to go with it. This one is only limited by your imagination and whatever you have lying around. I just folded a piece of blue A4 cardboard in half and then cut out a piece of the painted paper and stuck it on top (see the first photo). I’m then going to stick on a photo of the Bean and he is going to help me decorate it with star stickers.


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